The Pinkaboos Art

Your character could be a part of the Pinkaboos chapter book series!

Do you have a fright to help you when you get scared? If not, do you want to make your own?

Every kid has a fright of their own who teaches them how to fight (or fright) the fear. Do you know who your fright might be? What’s your fright’s name? What special powers do you think your fright might have?

Write a story about how your fright scares away a nightmare. How does your fright do it? You decide!

Share your concept with us and YOUR FRIGHT could become the inspiration for a new character in an upcoming Pinkaboos book! Pretty cool, huh?

Tell us about your character below and if you can, get a parent to help you attach a drawing, too. We’re so excited to read your stories and see your artwork!

By uploading a file you are confirming that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Create a Fright Contest.

*We will only call you if you win