An empowering new chapter book series for young readers (7-10) that presents the challenges of childhood through the magical world of The Pinkaboos.


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Bitterly is one of the most talented students in Fright School. Because she is so excited to help, Bitterly is the first of her class to be assigned a little girl to protect. As a naturally gifted spellcaster, Bitterly has potential to do great things, but she’ll soon realize she needs to overcome her own fears first.


The only thing Belladonna loves more than a good book is her friends. Driven to learn as much as she can, Belladonna spends most of her free time studying. Belladona can recite any spell in a pinch and is very eager to help her first little girl overcome nightmares.


Abyssma is strong, independent and fiercely loyal to her fellow Pinkaboos. She has a fabulous set of horns that change color when she’s mad. They’re pretty cool. As the biggest Pinkaboo, bullies tend to keep their distance when she’s around.

Miss Viper

Miss Viper is the one and only teacher at Fright School. Since becoming a teacher in the year 1892 (which was a very long time ago), Miss Viper has taught young frights at Fright School how to enter the dreams of little girls to battle their nightmares. She received Teacher of the Year Award in 1893, 1994 and again in 2014. She is beloved by all her students.


Bullies are usually mean because they’re not happy . . . and Vex is the school bully. To make herself feel better, Vex makes the younger frights feel bad about themselves by calling them names. She targets Bitterly and her friends and Bitterly quickly learns that standing up to her isn’t easy!

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Team Pinkaboos!

The Pinkaboos don't just happen... It's a group effort, bringing together the talents of a husband + wife writing team, a world class illustrator and a publishing company with a thirst for providing entertaining, educational and uplifting content for kids.

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Laura Gosselin, author

When she was little, Laura was afraid of sharks in swimming pools and large bugs with wings. Now that she’s a grownup, Laura is afraid of laundry, bills and whiny children. She is also super afraid of spiders. The bigger and hairier they are, the louder she screams.

Jake Gosselin, author

As a child Jake had numerous fears, including but not limited to zombies, vampires, ghosts, demons, gelatinous cubes, goblins, large insects, small insects, biting insects, horses, geese, monkeys, grouchy adults and Brussels sprouts.

Billy Kelly, illustrator

Billy Kelly is a 1993 graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Over the last 15 years, Billy had honed his illustration and creative talents as a professional graphic design in New York City design departments & studios.