Hello Pinkafans and welcome to what he hope is a funny kids podcast, the Pinkaboos Podcast – Episode 4! In this episode Jake finishes off The Pinkaboos: Bitterly and the Giant Problem with chapters 8 and 9. Following the reading is a new segment called, Boo on the Street, in which Jake asks regular people on the street what their fears are and fear expert, Abyssma, offers her advice on how to overcome them!

Since this is a continuing series, be sure to start with episode one and work you way through them because… spoilers! 

More About The Pinkaboos Podcast for Kids

The Pinkaboos™ is a girl-powered adventure series designed to help kids ages 7–10 conquer their fears and self doubt. The Pinkaboos takes place in The Land of Frights, where best friends Bitterly, Abyssma, and Belladonna attend Fright School, a magical academy that teaches young Frights how to enter the dreams of little human girls and help them overcome their nightmares. These strong, independent female characters face issues that girls can relate to, like dealing with bullies and not fitting in.

Want more than just a funny kids podcast? You can also buy the books which are carried in-store at many of your favorite retailers, including Barnes and Noble, and online at Amazon. The authors absolutely love, love, love positive reviews, so if you having something nice to say, say it in an ITunes or Amazon review. They’ll be forever grateful and will fall asleep at night, dreaming of your kind words. Probably.